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Sports Betting News

The Sandies Golf Game: A Quick Guide
Published Jan 24, 2024
by Gil Larson

The Sandies golf game is a delightful addition to any round of golf, offering players a unique side bet that enhances the challenge and enjoyment of the game. A ‘Sandie’ is awarded to a golfer who makes par or better on a hole after having hit their ball into a bunker. This simple yet engaging side bet not only adds an extra layer of excitement to each round but also celebrates the skill of successfully recovering from one of golf’s trickier situations.


Rules of the Sandies Game

The primary rule of the Sandies game is straightforward: a player earns a Sandie when they make par or better on a hole after their ball has landed in a bunker at any point during that hole. This rule applies to any bunker shot, whether it’s from a fairway or greenside bunker.

In terms of betting, players typically agree on a fixed amount for each Sandie before the round begins. The wager can be a nominal amount, adding a friendly competitive edge to the game. At the end of the round, players tally the number of Sandies each has earned, and payouts are made based on the agreed-upon stakes. Since this exact scenario doesn’t happen quite as often, the betting stakes might be a little larger than normal. For instance, if you’re used to per-shot betting games around $5 each, you might up that to $25 in a game like Sandies.

Tips for Mastering Bunker Shots

Success in the Sandies game often hinges on your ability to effectively play out of bunkers. Here are some tips to enhance your bunker play:

  1. Proper Stance and Balance: Position your feet firmly in the sand for stability. Your stance should be wider than usual, with the ball positioned slightly forward in your stance.
  2. Club Selection: Typically, a sand wedge is the best choice for bunker shots. Its design helps the club glide through the sand and lift the ball out.
  3. Swing Technique: Focus on hitting the sand, not the ball. Your goal is to use the sand to lift the ball out. A smooth, controlled swing with a follow-through is crucial.
  4. Practice: As with any golf skill, practice is key. Spend time in the practice bunker to get comfortable with different types of bunker shots.

Incorporating Sandies into Your Golf Round

Adding the Sandies game to your round is simple and can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to keep the game interesting, especially on courses with numerous bunkers. Here’s how to include it:

  • Agree on the Rules: Ensure all players understand how Sandies are earned and agree on the stakes.
  • Track Sandies: Keep a record of who earns Sandies during the round. A simple note on the scorecard will suffice.
  • Payouts: At the end of the round, calculate who owes whom based on the number of Sandies earned.

Playing for Sandies not only adds a competitive twist but also improves your bunker play over time, making you a more versatile golfer.

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The Sandies golf game is a fantastic way to add an extra element of skill and fun to your golf rounds. Whether you’re playing for bragging rights, a small wager, or just to improve your bunker shots, Sandies offers a unique challenge that can enhance your overall golf experience. Next time you’re on the course, consider adding this friendly side bet to your game and enjoy the added excitement it brings to each round.