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Sports Betting News

Greenies Golf Game: What You Need to Know
Published Jan 13, 2024
by Gil Larson

The Greenies golf game is a delightful addition to any round of golf, infusing an element of competitive fun into the traditional game. At its core, a Greenie is a side bet awarded to the player whose ball lands closest to the hole on the green in one shot on par-3 holes.

This simple yet engaging side bet is not just about who hits the longest drive or who has the best overall score; it’s about precision and the thrill of the challenge on par-3s. Ideal for golfers of all skill levels, Greenies add an extra layer of excitement to each par-3 hole, making every shot count and every close approach a potential winner.

Setting Up and Playing Greenies

three friends that are walking down the fairway

Setting up a Greenies game is straightforward and begins with the players agreeing on the value of each Greenie before the round starts. This value can be a friendly wager or a more significant stake, depending on the group’s preference. The only requirement is that all players must reach a consensus on the bet to ensure fair play.

To illustrate how Greenies come into play, let’s consider a scenario with three friends: Lisa, Sonja, and Jenna. On their golf outing, they decide to include Greenies in their game, setting a modest bet for each par-3 hole. As they approach the first par-3, the excitement builds. Lisa takes her shot and lands a respectable distance from the pin. Sonja follows, but her ball veers off the green. Jenna is last and manages to land her ball even closer to the hole than Lisa. In this case, Jenna wins the Greenie for that hole.

As the round progresses, each par-3 presents a new opportunity for the friends to win a Greenie. The side bet adds a layer of strategy to their game, as they each focus on fine-tuning their approach shots to increase their chances of winning. The friendly competition for Greenies becomes a highlight of their round, adding an extra dimension of fun and challenge to their game.

Strategies for Winning Greenies

Winning Greenies requires a combination of skillful play and strategic thinking, especially on par-3 holes. Here are some strategies to increase your chances of winning Greenies:

  • Focus on Accuracy: Since Greenies are awarded for being closest to the pin, prioritize accuracy over distance in your approach shots. Choose clubs and shots that you’re confident will land on the green and stay close to the hole.
  • Know the Course: Familiarity with the course, especially the par-3 holes, can give you an edge. Understanding the layout, hazards, and typical pin placements helps in planning the most effective approach shots.
  • Manage the Wind and Weather: Conditions like wind direction and speed can significantly affect your shots. Adjust your club selection and shot type accordingly to maintain accuracy under varying conditions.
  • Stay Mentally Focused: Par-3 holes can be pressure-filled, especially when a Greenie is at stake. Stay calm, focus on your shot routine, and don’t let the pressure of the bet disrupt your concentration.
  • Learn from Others: Watch your playing partners’ shots. Their successes and mistakes can provide valuable insights into how the hole is playing that day, which can inform your strategy.

Betting and Wagering in Greenies

Betting in Greenies adds an exciting dimension to the game, turning each par-3 hole into a mini-competition. Here’s how you can set up the betting aspect:

  • Decide on the Stake: Before the round begins, agree on the value of each Greenie. This could be a set monetary amount or a points system if you prefer not to bet money. Ensure all players are comfortable with the stakes to maintain the game’s friendly nature.
  • Betting Format: Players can bet on who will win the Greenie on each par-3 hole. You can also include cumulative bets, where players wager on who will win the most Greenies throughout the round.
  • Side Bets: For added excitement, consider side bets. For example, players can bet on whether someone will win a Greenie with a birdie or better, or place a wager on a particularly challenging par-3 hole.
  • Payouts: Decide how payouts will be handled. Will they be made after each hole, or will you tally up the Greenies at the end of the round for a total payout? For point-based betting, establish a point-to-payout conversion rate.
  • Managing Bets: Keep track of bets and Greenies won on a scorecard or a mobile app designed for golf betting. Clear record-keeping ensures transparency and fairness.

By incorporating these betting elements, Greenies becomes more than just a golf game; it becomes a strategic and exciting challenge. Whether you’re playing for bragging rights, points, or small wagers, the addition of betting enhances the thrill of competing for Greenies on each par-3 hole.

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The Appeal of Greenies in Golf

Greenies are popular among golfers because they offer a fun way to spice up a round of golf. This side bet is great for players of all skill levels as it focuses on a specific aspect of the game – precision on par-3 holes – rather than overall performance. It encourages players to hone their approach shots and adds a friendly competitive element to the game. For those who enjoy a bit of betting, Greenies is one of the games that can provide an excellent opportunity to engage in light-hearted wagers, enhancing the overall golfing experience.


The Greenies golf game is a simple yet exciting addition to any golf round. It encourages precision and strategy, especially on par-3 holes, and adds an element of friendly competition among players. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, incorporating Greenies into your game can make your rounds more engaging and enjoyable. So next time you hit the course, consider adding Greenies to the mix for an added challenge and a lot of fun.