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Published Feb 8, 2024
by Mike Henry
Joey DiPompo, Director of Golf at The Downs Golf Practice Facility, believes many players can benefit from a club-fitting session

Golfers of all abilities who are looking to improve their scoring in 2024 (and possibly win more bets on the course) are encouraged to register for free golf club fittings during the 14th annual Golfest event on Friday and Saturday at The Downs Golf Practice Facility.

The event runs from noon-6 p.m. on Friday and from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday. Fitting appointments are required and may be made online with Callaway and TaylorMade at www.tampabaydowns.com , or with the event’s other club companies by registering through The Downs Golf Practice Facility Pro Shop at (813) 854-4946.

All golfers who sign up for a free fitting will receive a 10-percent coupon toward an equipment purchase (the coupon is not valid for PING products). Golfers can choose to be fit for a single club or an entire set; depending on a golfer’s needs and desires, a club fitting will last roughly 30-60 minutes.

Some companies will allow walk-ups if time allows, but players are encouraged to register beforehand to ensure they get fit.

Players wishing to trade in their old clubs for an additional discount can do so at the site through Joey DiPompo, the Director of Golf at The Downs Golf Practice Facility, who will set a value on the equipment being exchanged.

“We hold fitting days throughout the year where we have ‘X’ company come to the facility, but we use Golfest to get all the manufacturers together over two days so consumers can try the latest equipment – most of which was released two weeks ago – to compare it to their current clubs,” DiPompo said.

PING, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Srixon and Cleveland Golf manufacturers will be on hand for fitting sessions Friday. Saturday’s lineup includes Mizuno, Srixon, Cleveland Golf, Callaway and Wilson.

Discounts will be available in the Pro Shop both days for all customers, regardless of whether they are being fitted. All golf bags (excluding NFL bags) will be available for 25 percent off. There will be 20-percent discounts on all headwear, Callaway footwear and Pins & Aces apparel and 15 percent off all golf balls, excluding Noodle balls and Callaway Chrome Soft 22 balls.

DiPompo says whether you’ve been using your current clubs for 2 years or 20, there is no time like the present to assess how your equipment needs can be better met.

“Technology has changed, we know that. I compare it to cell phones – every year a new one comes out with one or two more features than the previous model,” DiPompo said. “With golf clubs, manufacturers are moving some weight here and some weight there to make golf clubs more forgiving.

“That’s the biggest key, in my opinion, with golf clubs year after year – they get easier and easier to hit. Some people complain about the club companies coming out with new clubs every year, but it’s just creating more opportunities for the consumer to find the best clubs for themselves.

“There are so many different clubs out there, and the way the club manufacturers’ reps can fine-tune things can make a huge difference. At Golfest, we’re going to help you find the best club for you. That’s what it’s all about,” DiPompo said.

Anyone wishing to register online for a free club fitting with Callaway or TaylorMade can visit www.tampabaydowns.com on the Internet, then click GOLF at the top of the page and select GOLFEST from the drop-down menu.



Joey DiPompo, Director of Golf at The Downs Golf Practice Facility, believes many players can benefit from a club-fitting session

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