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Sports Betting News

3-Man Golf Games That Are Good For Betting
Published Feb 28, 2024
by Gil Larson

When playing with threes, incorporating betting into the game can be uniquely fun, since team dynamics can change, or be very cutthroat (every man for himself!). This guide explores various three-man golf games that are perfect for adding a betting element.

From classic formats to innovative challenges, each game offers unique ways to engage with the sport and your fellow players. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or new to the betting scene, these games will add an extra layer of fun to your round.

three golfers standing in the teebox


Nassau is arguably the most famous golf betting game, known for its simplicity and adaptability. The game is divided into three separate bets: the front nine, the back nine, and the overall 18 holes. This structure allows players to compete over smaller segments of the course, keeping the game competitive regardless of a few bad holes. Nassau caters to players of all levels, don’t worry if you’re not quite a pro.

Betting Instructions for Nassau: Before teeing off, players agree on a monetary value for each of the three bets. To keep the game interesting, players can introduce “presses,” a side bet that can be initiated by any player trailing in any of the three matches. Presses are a way to “double down” and potentially recover losses or increase winnings, adding a strategic layer to managing the game’s stakes. The flexibility in Nassau lies in its ability to accommodate various betting structures, making it as friendly or competitive as the players decide.


Wolf is a dynamic and strategic game that emphasizes both individual performance and team play. At the beginning of each hole, the order of play is determined, and the “Wolf” is the last to tee off. After each player tees off, the Wolf must decide whether to select one of the other two players as a partner for the hole or to play as the “lone wolf” against them. The decision must be made immediately after each player’s tee shot, adding pressure and requiring quick strategic thinking. The game rotates so each player becomes the Wolf, offering chances to strategize whether to share the risk or go for double rewards.

Betting Instructions for Wolf: Bets in Wolf are typically made on a per-hole basis, with the outcome determining the allocation of points or money. If the Wolf and their partner win the hole, they earn points from the other players. If the Wolf chooses to go it alone and wins, the reward is doubled. Conversely, if the Wolf or the Wolf’s team loses, the other side wins the points. The key to betting in Wolf is deciding when to take the risk of going solo for the potential of a higher payout. The game’s excitement comes from the shifting alliances and the strategy of when to play it safe with a partner or take the gamble as the lone wolf.

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Six-Six-Six (Sixes)

Sixes, also known as Hollywood or Round Robin, is a versatile format that keeps the game fresh and engaging by changing the playing format every six holes. In this game, players rotate partners every six holes, ensuring that each golfer teams up with every other player twice throughout the round. This rotation tests adaptability and offers a balanced mix of teamwork and individual competition, as the dynamic between players shifts throughout the course.

Betting Instructions for Six-Six-Six: Before the round, players agree on a set amount to bet for each of the three six-hole segments. The team with the lower combined score for each segment wins that segment’s bet. If players want to add an extra layer of excitement, they can include individual performance bets, such as on the longest drive or closest to the pin on par-3s. The changing partnerships mean that players need to be strategic about their play and aware of both their and their partners’ strengths and weaknesses.

9-Point Game (Niners)

The 9-Point Game, or Niners, is a competitive format that assigns a total of 9 points to each hole, which are then distributed among the players based on their performance on that hole. The allocation is typically 5 points for the lowest score, 3 points for the second lowest, and 1 point for the highest score on each hole. In the event of ties, points are divided accordingly. This system ensures that every hole matters and keeps competition tight, as players vie for the largest share of the points.

Betting Instructions for 9-Point Game: Players agree on a value for each point before starting the round. At the end of the game, points are tallied, and payouts are made based on the total points each player has earned, adjusted by the agreed-upon point value. The 9-Point Game encourages consistent play and strategic risk-taking, as players must decide when to play aggressively to win a hole outright and when to ensure they don’t finish with the highest score on a hole, thus minimizing their points lost.


Flags is an inventive game that gives each player a number of “flags” equal to the par of the course plus their handicap. Players then see how far they can get around the course using their allotted strokes. The game ends when a player uses up their flags, with the location where their final shot lands marking their finishing point. This format is an excellent test of both strategy and skill, as players must manage their strokes carefully to advance as far as possible.

Betting Instructions for Flags: Betting in Flags can be straightforward, with wagers placed on who will make it the furthest around the course or who will use the fewest strokes to reach a specific point. Players can also place side bets on various achievements, like the longest drive or the most pars/birdies made before running out of flags. The game’s unique structure makes for an exciting betting environment, where strategic play and careful management of one’s strokes are as important as sheer golfing ability.


Golf is a game rich with tradition, and let’s be honest, gambling. Regardless of which game you choose, they all offer unique challenges and (usually) opportunities for strategic betting. Remember, the key to successful betting in golf is not just about winning but also about enhancing the enjoyment of the game for all players. So, choose your game, set your stakes, and enjoy the added thrill that betting brings to your next round of golf.