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Racing News

Navigating the Snake Golf Game: Rules and Betting
Published Jan 26, 2024
by Gil Larson
The Snake golf game introduces a unique twist to the traditional round of golf, centering around the challenge of putting. In this game, the dreaded ‘Snake’ is a title no […]

The Snake golf game introduces a unique twist to the traditional round of golf, centering around the challenge of putting. In this game, the dreaded ‘Snake’ is a title no player wants, as it’s given to the golfer who three-putts on any green. This simple yet engaging rule turns the putting green into a thrilling battleground, where precision and nerve control are key.

A snake sunning himself on a putting green

The Thrill of the Snake: Understanding the Game

At its heart, the Snake game is all about avoiding three-putts. Here’s how it works:

  • Becoming the Snake: When a player three-putts on any green, they become the ‘Snake.’ This title sticks with them until another player three-putts, passing the unwanted mantle along.
  • Passing the Snake: The Snake can change hands numerous times during a round, creating a dynamic and suspenseful atmosphere. Each putt takes on added significance, especially when players are close to three-putting.
  • End of the Round: The player who is the Snake at the conclusion of the round is typically required to pay a predetermined wager to the other players. This could be a set monetary amount or another agreed-upon penalty.

The game’s beauty lies in its simplicity and the heightened focus it brings to putting. Players must not only concentrate on their own game but also keep an eye on their competitors, adding a layer of psychological warfare to the round.

Before teeing off, you will need to make sure everyone in the group agrees on the stakes. Usually the betting is monetary, but feel free to get creative as well!

A Closer Look at Putting: Tips to Avoid the Snake

Improving your putting is key to avoiding the Snake. Here are some tips:

  • Reading Greens: Spend time studying the green before putting. Look at the contours and slopes, and consider how they will affect the ball’s path.
  • Practice Short Putts: Many three-putts happen because of missed short putts. Regular practice of putts within three to five feet can significantly reduce your chances of becoming the Snake.
  • Develop a Routine: A consistent pre-putt routine can help manage nerves and improve focus. This routine could include reading the green, taking practice strokes, and visualizing the ball’s path.
  • Stay Calm Under Pressure: The fear of becoming the Snake can be nerve-wracking. Focus on each putt as its own challenge and try to stay relaxed.

By honing these skills, you’ll not only avoid the Snake but also become a more confident and successful putter.

Betting Dynamics in the Snake Game

Hard Rock No Regret First Bet offer

The inclusion of betting in the Snake game elevates the pressure and excitement on the greens. The key to betting in this game is to keep the stakes fun and manageable, ensuring that the game remains enjoyable for all players.

As the round progresses, the anticipation of who will end up as the Snake adds a compelling layer to each putt. Players often find themselves weighing the risk of aggressive putts against the potential of becoming the Snake. This dynamic can lead to interesting shifts in strategy, especially on challenging greens where the likelihood of three-putting increases.

If you really want to spice things up, add in another game/element of betting to keep everyone on their toes the entire hole, versus just while putting.


Whether you’re playing for a friendly wager or just for bragging rights, the Snake game is sure to bring a new level of engagement and fun to your golfing experience. Next time you’re on the course, consider introducing the Snake game to your group. It’s a simple addition that can transform your round into a thrilling competition of nerves and skill on the greens.

The Snake golf game introduces a unique twist to the traditional round of golf, centering around the challenge of putting. In this game, the dreaded ‘Snake’ is a title no […]

Live Racing Resumes Wednesday, November 20, 2024.

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