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Sports Betting News

Golf Betting Glossary: Know Your Terms
Published Dec 8, 2023
by Gil Larson

Golf betting is not just about picking the winner; it’s a multifaceted activity that involves a deep understanding of the game, the players, as well the courses.

Each type of bet offers a different level of engagement and requires a specific approach and understanding. This comprehensive glossary of golf betting terms is designed to demystify the jargon and provide clear, concise definitions, helping you to enhance your betting strategy and enjoy the game to its fullest.

We’re breaking down this glossary into 4 parts: types of golf bets, in-play and round-specific betting, progression and outcome bets, as well as performance-based betting. This will be an evolving resource, so make sure to bookmark it to see updates!

two men having lunch on patio with a golf course in the background

Types of Golf Bets

First Round Leader: A bet on which golfer will be leading the tournament after the first round.

Top 5, Top 10, Top 20 Finish: Bets placed on whether a golfer will finish in the top 5, top 10, or top 20 positions of a tournament.

Hole-in-One Betting: Wagering on whether a player or any player in the tournament will score a hole-in-one.

Two-Ball/Three-Ball Betting: Betting on which player in a two-some or three-some will have the best score in a particular round.

Season-Long Bets: Bets placed on outcomes over an entire season, such as who will win the FedEx Cup.

Outright Winner: Betting on a specific golfer to win the tournament.

Each-Way Bet: A two-part bet where half the stake is on the selection to win and the other half is on the selection to finish in the top positions as determined by the bookmaker.

Group Betting: Betting on a golfer to have the best score in a specified group of players during a round.

Live Betting: Placing bets on a golf tournament while it is in progress, with odds changing in real-time.

Futures Bet: A bet placed on the outcome of a golf tournament well in advance of its start date.

Cut Line Betting: Betting on whether a player will make or miss the cut (the score that determines which players continue to the final rounds of a tournament).

Matchup Betting: Betting on one golfer to finish higher than another golfer in a tournament.

In-Play and Round-Specific Betting

Adjusted Round Betting: Betting on a player’s score for a round after adjustments for course difficulty.

In-Play Hole Betting: Betting on the outcome of individual holes as they are being played.

Round Leader Betting: Betting on which golfer will have the best score in a specific round of the tournament.

Consecutive Birdie/Eagle Betting: Betting on a player to score birdies or eagles on consecutive holes.

Front Nine/Back Nine Betting: Placing bets specifically on a player’s performance over the first nine holes (front nine) or the last nine holes (back nine) of a round.

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Golf Tournament Progression and Outcome Bets

Wire-to-Wire Winner: Betting on a player to lead the tournament at the end of each round and ultimately win.

Group Winner: Betting on a player to have the best score out of a specific group of players.

Missed Cut Betting: Betting on whether a specific player will fail to make the cut to the next round of the tournament.

Playoff Betting: Wagering on the outcome of a playoff, if the tournament ends with players tied for the lead.

Performance-Based Betting

Top Rookie Betting: Wagering on which amateur or rookie player will have the highest finish in a tournament.

Eagle Betting: Wagering on a player to score an eagle (two strokes under par) on a particular hole or during a round.

Birdie Betting: Similar to Eagle Betting, but focused on players scoring a birdie (one stroke under par).

Bogey Match Betting: Betting on a player to finish a hole one stroke over par, or betting on which player will have fewer bogeys during a round.