What to Expect


Most simply, expect an action-packed day infused with unparalleled excitement. … filled with colorful sights, traditional sounds and indescribable feelings that only live Thoroughbred racing can create.

A race day usually consists of 8-10 races, all set at different distances and different skill levels—with between 6-12 different horses in each race (approximately 100+ horses you will see run in a single day).

The horses in each race will walk with their groom from the barn area on the backside of our racetrack, walking by the Clubhouse and the Grandstand on their way to the Saddling Paddock.  Once they enter the Saddling Paddock, each horse will be identified and then saddled by their trainers in the Saddling Stalls.  The horses will then be taken out to the Walking Ring—where visitors/bettors can get the best look at the horses, as their jockeys connect with their mounts.  

You will hear the sounds of a bugle play the traditional “Call to the Post” as the horses file onto the track in the Post Parade.  Once you get the chance to check out all of the horses, head over to the betting windows to place your bets—all wagers must be placed before the race begins.

With a race every 20-25 minutes, the action arrives fast and furious.

We are a family-friendly track and welcome kids of all ages to join in on cheering for their favorite horses and jockeys!