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Sports Betting News

A Guide to the Sixes Golf Game
Published Jan 22, 2024
by Gil Larson

The Sixes Golf Game, also known as Hollywood or Round Robin, introduces a format that is not just about showcasing individual skills but also about how well players adapt to changing team dynamics. Every six holes, the teams rotate, offering a unique challenge that tests both golfing prowess and the ability to synergize with different partners. Ideal for golfers who relish variety and teamwork, Sixes turns a regular round of golf into an engaging adventure of strategy and camaraderie.

The Essence of Sixes: A Unique Team Rotation Format

Sixes stands out in the realm of golf games for its unique team rotation format, presenting a strategic challenge that appeals particularly to advanced golfers. Every six holes, players find themselves in new pairings, requiring not just skillful play but also an ability to adapt. This format demands more than consistent swings and precise putts; it requires players to quickly assess their new partner’s strengths, weaknesses, and playing style.

For instance, when paired with a strong driver, a skilled golfer might focus on precision in approach shots to capitalize on their partner’s advantage off the tee. Conversely, when teamed with a player who excels in short games, the strategy might shift to ensuring that the team reaches the green in a position that leverages the partner’s putting strengths.

Additionally, advanced players can use their understanding of the course layout to plan collaborative strategies that play to the rotating team’s collective strengths. This constant reshuffling of pairings transforms each set of six holes into a strategic puzzle, where advanced golfers can showcase their adaptability, course management skills, and ability to synergize with different playing styles.

Kickstarting Your Sixes Adventure

Organizing a Sixes match requires a thoughtful approach, especially when catering to advanced players. Begin by selecting a diverse group of golfers, aiming for a mix of strengths and playing styles. This diversity ensures that each new team pairing presents a unique strategic challenge. When determining the order of play, consider using a random draw or a rotation based on players’ handicaps to add an element of unpredictability.

For an added twist, introduce specific challenges for each six-hole segment, such as a focus on precision or risk-taking, to test players’ adaptability under varying conditions. This approach not only sets the stage for a competitive game but also keeps the experience engaging and varied for all participants.

Various Types of Scoring Formats in Sixes

In the Sixes Golf Game, various scoring formats can be employed to keep the game engaging and competitive. Understanding these formats is crucial for players to align their play style accordingly.

  1. Match Play: The most common format in Sixes, where each six-hole segment is a separate match. Teams earn points based on winning individual holes, and the team with the most holes won at the end of each segment claims the match.
  2. Stableford Scoring: This format awards points based on performance relative to par on each hole. It’s an excellent choice for Sixes as it encourages aggressive play, with higher points for birdies and eagles.
  3. Best Ball: In this format, each team’s score for a hole is the lowest score shot by either team member. This format emphasizes individual performance within the team context and can lead to some exciting finishes.
  4. Scramble: Though less common in Sixes, a scramble format can be introduced, especially for casual or mixed-skill level groups. Both team members take shots from the spot of the best previous shot, combining their efforts to achieve the best score.

Each of these scoring formats offers a different approach to the game, catering to various skill levels and play styles. Players should choose a format that best suits their group’s preferences, ensuring an enjoyable and competitive round of Sixes.

Betting Ideas and Scenarios in Sixes

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Betting in Sixes can significantly add to the excitement of the game. Here are some ideas for incorporating bets:

  1. Hole-by-Hole Betting: Place bets on individual holes or six-hole segments. This can involve wagering on which team will win each segment or specific holes.
  2. Performance-Based Bets: Bet on individual achievements like the longest drive, closest to the pin, or the most birdies across the round.
  3. Progressive Betting: Increase the stakes with each six-hole segment. This can raise the competitive spirit, especially in the final third of the round.
  4. Side Bets: Include fun side bets like predicting the outcome of particularly challenging holes or betting on rare occurrences like hole-in-ones.

Remember, the key to enjoyable betting in Sixes is to keep the stakes at a comfortable level for all players and to ensure that the bets add to the fun of the game rather than detract from it.


Whether you’re playing for fun, honing your skills, or enjoying some friendly betting, Sixes provides a versatile and dynamic format suitable for all golfers. Next time you’re planning a round, consider giving Sixes a try – it’s an excellent way to add variety to your golfing experience and to enjoy the game in a fresh, exciting format.