How do I find a Winner

There are countless ways to find a winner!
Some people start with the experts:

Tampa Bay Downs’ handicapper Ren Carothers (@rencarothers) provides her selections before each race on the in-track, closed-circuit TV feed.
Luis Ocasio’s picks are also available on Twitter (@LuisAtTampa).
The track handicapper’s selections are available at the bottom of each race page in the program, and there are numerous other handicappers and methods to aid you in your search for success. Over time, hopefully you will gain confidence in your own expertise!

Another helpful trick is to look for the leaders!  The trainers’ and jockeys’ standings are referenced in our official race day program.
Some people watch the horses in the Post Parade before each race.  Observing body language can be a valuable tool in picking a winner!  Keep an eye out for a horse with a shiny coat, nicely arched neck, spring in his step and has an alert, energized demeanor.
Have fun with your family and friends!  
Sometimes your gut instinct about a name, a color of the horse, or even the jockeys’ silks can be your best bet!