1. Pick up an entry blank on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021 at the main Grandstand and Clubhouse entrances.

  2. Fill it out completely and deposit it in the bin corresponding to your selection in the designated “Tampa Bay Downs Owners Club” race in the program. Forms that are not completely filled out will be ineligible.

  3. All winners become part of the Tampa Bay Owners Club fantasy syndicate group (in case of a dead heat, anyone selecting either first-place finisher will be deemed to have won).

  4. Winners will receive a certificate of ownership via e-mail from the Publicity Department.

  5. Each time their “new” horse competes at Tampa Bay Downs throughout the season, winners will receive free admission and a program, a mutuel voucher, an ownership pin and discounts at the concession stand by presenting their certificate of ownership.

  6. Winners are eligible to visit the paddock before each race in which their horse competes.

  7. Should their horse win again, winners are eligible to take part in the ceremony and have their picture taken in the winner’s circle.