Tom Cooley Photography is the official track photographer at Tampa Bay Downs.  Photos may be ordered in the winner's circle or at the photography office on the main floor of the Grandstand in the northwest corner of the building, or by calling (813) 855-4401, ext. 1246 during the racing season or via e-mail to  From May to November, e-mail


Videotapes of Tampa Bay Downs races can be purchased from Sportview Television, Inc.  For purchasers providing their own videocassette, each race costs $30 and includes a wide-angle pan shot and the head-on replay.  Those without a videocassette add $10.  To order and pick-up a videotape contact the Horsemen's Bookkeepers Office at (813) 855-4401, ext. 1337 or the General Office.  E-mail at