The Club at Tampa Bay Downs 

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Now every bet you make can count towards prizes, including everything from complimentary racing programs to $100 mutuel vouchers! Earning points is simple: Just sign up for The Club at the Customer Service Desk on the first floor of the Tampa Bay Downs Grandstand and receive your Club Card that will track every point you earn.  When you place your bet, simply swipe your card before placing your bet as you normally would.  When you want to redeem your points, just return to the Customer Service desk in the Grandstand and exchange your points for a voucher good for the prizes listed below. Your account is entirely confidential and Club Cards are issued immediately after your application is accepted.

Great racing, terrific food and fantastic rewards... You Bet!


                                   200 points                             One Program  
                                   300 points                             Valet Parking*/ Carrel** Sports Gallery** cover 
                                                                               charge  (Sun-Fri) Clubhouse crossover admission
                                   375 points                             Three-Track Edition Racing Form*
                                   525 points                             One Daily Racing Form
                                1,000 points                              $10 Food Voucher
                                1,000 points                              Box Seats for a day - seats eight *  **
                                2,000 points                              $25 Food Voucher
                                2,500 points                              $25 Mutuel Voucher
                                2,500 points                              Race Sponsorship (one week notice)*
                                5,000 points                              Clubhouse Pass for the following “live” season*
                                8,000 points                              $100 Mutuel Voucher
                              15,000 points                              Carrel for Simulcast Season Only (May 6- Dec 13)
                              25,000 points                              Year Round Reserved Carrel (reserved until 1:30 pm) 
Sign up bonus 200 points
Your first daily bet receives 20 additional points
1 point = 1 live dollar wagered
1 point = 2 simulcast dollars wagered
1 point = 4 non-thoroughbred simulcast dollars wagered during the live meet*
* live season only
** excludes Tampa Bay Derby Day 
Fee for lost card $5.00