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Our employees are the driving force behind our success and our outstanding reputation within the community and the Thoroughbred racing industry. At Tampa Bay Downs, we promote a spirit of cooperation and superior customer service. Our highly skilled, enthusiastic employees are dedicated to constant improvement, and we foster a welcoming environment for new employees eager to learn and advance with the company.


While we recognize job change is part of life, we encourage all of our employees to work toward making their jobs at Tampa Bay Downs a full-time career. Numerous Tampa Bay Downs employees have been with us 20 years or more, and their operational knowledge is essential to our continued growth and success. We try to create a workplace atmosphere that encourages loyalty among all our employees. Many seasonal workers have turned their opportunity into a full-time career.


It's a tried-but-true saying: "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." At Tampa Bay Downs, we recognize the importance of each individual employee's contribution to our overall success. We want our employees to understand each other's role, maintain an environment of cooperation and respect, communicate openly and honestly and be receptive to different viewpoints and opinions.


At Tampa Bay Downs, we define the challenges faced by the Thoroughbred racing and entertainment industries as "opportunities for success." Emphasis is placed on achieving individual performance targets that contribute to our overall success, and additional training is provided to ensure ongoing growth and improvement.


Tampa Bay Downs offers generous medical, dental and vision policies for its full-time employees. MORE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE THROUGH THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT.


We encourage all of our employees to express their individual strengths by providing thoughtful, personalized service and catering to the needs of each customer on an individual basis. Our long-term success depends on putting people first, making a connection with our customers and dealing quickly and effectively with unique situations as they arise.


We take a proactive stance in our employees' growth by providing training in such areas as dealing with medical emergencies (cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator use), customer service, workplace procedures and guidelines and fostering a culture of mutual respect and consideration. The more you know about these areas, the more we all benefit!


Over the past nine years, Tampa Bay Downs has donated more than $1-million to local charitable organizations. The list of recipients includes children's charities; camps and recreational facilities and organizations for disabled youth and adults; and the Thoroughbred industry through research grants, jockey health-and-safety initiatives and retirement and retraining organizations such as TROT (Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa, Inc.). Tampa Bay Downs is committed to making a difference within the community!