September 2014 Tournament Schedule (Printable) 



 Tournament Payout Structure



 TOURNAMENT RULES ( In addition to TDA Rules )

Players will start with pre-posted amount of chips for all tournaments. All levels will be posted prior to the start. On-site registration for all Silks Poker Room @ Tampa Bay Downs events will be held at the poker room cage. Registration is open until the end of level 4 (Subject to change); all players will begin play with a full chip stack. Some tournaments offer optional add-ons and they must be purchased before playing your first hand (listed on the event calendar).  All events are re-entry tournaments unless otherwise noted. Players that bust out during the first four (4 levels) may purchase a new entry ticket and enter the tournament as a new player. If this is a one (1)-day tournament we will redraw for seats at the final table or at the discretion of the Tournament Director. In the event that tournament play exceeds our closing hour, the players will have the option to 1) chop the prize pool (only if down to 10 players or less), 2) come back and conclude the event on the following day (at an agreed upon time), or go to chip count at closing. *If the players cannot come to a decision then the default option will be – chip count at closing.  If this is a multiple day tournament 15 percent (15%) (Subject to change) - of the field will return for the finals. We will redraw for seats at the money line and at the final table or at the discretion of the Tournament Director. All jackpot eligible tournaments - $2 per player will be held back from the buy-in and added to our jackpot fund and paid back to players for making specific pre-posted hands. These tournaments will also have $1 held back per entry from the prize pool to be added to future tournaments prize pools. A list of these tournaments with prize pool added will be posted in advance. Tournament Director's decisions are final and without recourse. Tampa Bay Downs reserves the right to alter, change or cancel tournament. Tampa Bay Downs will not be held responsible in the event of typographical errors or misinformation on the website or printed material pertaining to this event, and players will not have claim in these matters. All tournament prizes, including entries into subsequent tournaments, are subject to the following: 1) US permanent residents will be issued a W-2G on all net win payouts of $5,000 or more and 2) Residents of foreign countries will be issued a 1042-S on all winnings and are subject to a US income tax withholding of 30%. Exceptions may apply according to country of residence and income tax treaty. An ITIN (International Taxpayer Identification Number) must be provided along with a complete IRS Form W-8BEN. Players must be 18 or older to play.